SoftLayer, an IBM Company

Gain the skills needed to drive your organization’s data center evolution with SoftLayer Infrastructureas-a-Service (IaaS). Global Knowledge provides training in association with SoftLayer, an IBM Company. Through our relationship with Global Knowledge as their Learning Solutions Partner, we deliver SoftLayer training.

At a time when cloud computing is challenging common assumptions for every role and function, we provide training solutions that will help you and your team realize the substantial advantages of SoftLayer technology. We offer courses that include lectures and hands-on activities designed to help your organization leverage features like on-demand provisioning for bare metal and virtual servers, tools optimized for big data and self-service scalability. Register today and acquire the expertise you need to capitalize on cloud computing.

SoftLayer Fundamentals (0741)

The SoftLayer Fundamentals instructor-led training course introduces SoftLayer Infrastructure-asa- Solution (IaaS) capabilities through instruction, hands-on lab activities and demonstrations. A 3-tier application framework and client case study is used to provide a workload context in order to understand what SoftLayer can do.

SoftLayer Solution Design (0748)

SoftLayer Solution Architecture and Design is a three-day, instructor-led technical training class. Proof points from actual implementations are used to help you make architecture choices to design an effective solution on SoftLayer’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

For each workload, a structured design process will be followed, including

  • Analyzing business drivers and workload requirements
  • Making architecture decisions and justifying the choices
  • Designing the infrastructure
  • Creating the detailed design

The workloads – application hosting with e-commerce and social collaboration – have been selected because of common business application elements and workload characteristics that are pertinent across industries. Each workload infrastructure is designed to give you an extensive overview of SoftLayer’s capabilities, which you can use when designing your own IaaS solution.

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