Routing & Switching (RSW)

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Who should attend

Network technicians who are responsible for the configuration and support of ethernet technologies, LAN composite with TCP/IP and want to enhance their knowledge building modern LAN and WAN structures.


Basic IT and network knowledge

Course Objectives

This course gives delegates the required knowledge for building modern LAN and WAN structures. Delegates are taught the most important terms und protocols inside local networks to administrate design and installation exercises in the LAN area.

Standard exercises in the building of cabling for the professional use of ethernet components and the implementation of VLANs and IP networks.

Course Content

  • Structured planning und implementation in the area of building cabling
  • Basic structure of Campus LANs
  • Access mechanisms (CSMA/CD)
  • Overview of ethernet hardware
  • Installation of network cards
  • Ethernet switching up to 10 gig
  • Basics TCP/IP
  • Basics OSI-layer-model
  • Layer 2: Bridging, Switching, VLANs
  • Layer 3: Routing and routing-protocols
  • Basics of remote access
  • Troubleshooting and network management solutions
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 2 days

  • Singapore: 1,900.- SGD
  • Australia: 2,100.- AUD
  • New Zealand: 2,875.- NZD
  • Indonesia: US$ 1,380.-
  • India: 55,000.- INR
  • Philippines: 68,000.- PHP
  • Thailand: US$ 1,380.-
  • Vietnam: US$ 1,380.-
  • Sri Lanka: US$ 1,380.-
Dates and Booking
Online Training
Modality: L
Dates and Booking

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