Enterprise Spring (EIS)

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Who should attend

This training is designed for developers and architects interested in Enterprise Spring.


  • Experience with developing applications using Java
  • Basic understanding of Spring

Course Objectives

Enterprise Spring is a four day training course led by Spring experts covering today’s most important topics and technologies related to enterprise application integration. This hands-on training teaches how to apply Spring technologies to solve problems that face server-side developers. The Enterprise Spring training is the ideal preparation for the Spring Certified Enterprise Integration Specialist certification exam.

At the end of the training, you should gain an understanding of Spring and associated technologies for Enterprise Integration and be able to:

  • Create concurrent applications and schedule tasks using Spring
  • Use Serialization and Remoting to call remote applications
  • Understand XML
  • Create SOAP and REST Web services
  • Use JMS for asynchronous communication
  • Understand and use distributed transactions
  • Use Spring Batch for Enterprise Integration based on batch processing
  • Use Spring Integration for Pipes-and-Filters integration

Course Content

  • 1. Styles of Enterprise Integration
  • 2. Tasks and Scheduling
  • 3. Introduction to Spring Remoting
  • 4. Spring Web Services
  • 5. Advanced Spring Web Services
  • 6. Rest Webservices
  • 7. Introduction to Messaging
  • 8. Spring JMS
  • 9. JMS Transactions
  • 10. Global Transactions Using XA, JTA and Spring
  • 11. Introduction to Spring Integration
  • 12. Spring Integration Configuration
Classroom Training

Duration 4 days

  • Australia: US$ 3,200.-
Dates and Booking

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.  Enquire a date