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Packet Analysis with Wireshark Analyzer (PAW)

Detailed Course Outline

Features, functions and basic operation of Wireshark Analyzer
  • Introduction and operation of Wireshark
  • Live Capture and Live Capture settings
  • Display options and basic interpretation
  • Working with Display Filters and Capture Filters
  • File Input and Output
Advanced features of Wireshark Analyzer
  • Preferences and user profiles
  • Name resolution
  • Reconstructing user data – Protocol reassembly
  • Packet colorization
Methodology and techniques of network analysis
  • What is packet analysis?
  • Steps and techniques for analyzing traffic
  • Analysing Switched Ethernet - Tapping into the network
  • Capturing wireless network traffic
  • Measuring network delay and response time
  • Measuring network throughput and overhead
Statistics and Baselining
  • Baselining of networks and applications
  • Wireshark statistics
Analysing networks and applications
  • Typical network related problems
  • Application types and typical application related problems
  • "Is it the network or the application?" – Fault isolation
  • Analysing and reconstructing voice traffic