IBM MQ V9 System Administration (using Linux for labs) (WM154G) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Course introductionIBM MQ reviewIBM MQ installation and deployment optionsCreating a queue manager and queuesExercise: Using commands to create a queue manager and queuesIntroduction to IBM MQ ExplorerExercise: Using IBM MQ Explorer to create queue managers and queuesTesting the IBM MQ implementationExercise: Using IBM MQ sample programs to test the configurationImplementing distributed queuingExercise: Connecting queue managersIBM MQ clientsExercise: Connecting an IBM MQ clientImplementing trigger messages and monitorsExercise: Implementing a trigger monitorDiagnosing problemsExercise: Running an IBM MQ traceImplementing basic security in IBM MQExercise: Controlling access to IBM MQBacking up and restoring IBM MQ messages and object definitionsExercise: Using a media image to restore a queueExercise: Backing up and restoring IBM MQ object definitionsIntroduction to queue manager clustersExercise: Implementing a basic clusterMonitoring and configuring IBM MQ for performanceExercise: Monitoring IBM MQ for performanceCourse summary