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Mastering challenges in the digital era

Cloud, artificial intelligence, mobility, Big Data and the Internet of Things are driving new business scenarios for the digital enterprise. These forces are innovative and disruptive on their own—together they are revolutionizing business and society in ways never seen before. As a service provider in the field of the latest transformative technologies, we offer comprehensive services for the development of your digital strategy and for the successful transformation of your company.

Successfully introduce new technologies

When introducing new technologies or products, existing technical knowledge is usually limited. With our Mentored IT Services, we support both channel partners and customers with the crucial know-how for the successful introduction and implementation of new products and IT solutions. Let your employees benefit from the many years of know-how of our experts and ensure optimal preparation for the introduction and operation of new systems.

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Active Directory Security Analysis

Security analysis with recommendations to harden your Microsoft Active Directory

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Penetration Tests

Analysis of the security of your IT systems from the perspective of highly specialized attackers

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AWS Cloud Adoption Assessment

Recommended actions and high-level design for your successful migration to the AWS cloud

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