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Brocade Training

Our Brocade Curriculum imparts the fundamental knowledge for the implementation
and deployment of a typical Enterprise-SAN including the latest Brocade platforms
as well as the new technologies of the 5th generation (16Gbps).

Experience in FC/SCSI Storage Solutions and/or LANs is essential for all
our Brocade classes.

We offer you the three-day basic course „Brocade 16 Gbps Fundamentals (BRF)“ as well as the four-day follow-up course „Brocade 16 Gbps Advanced (BRA)“ for experienced Brocade Switch administators. Both courses include comprehensive hands-on labs.

Participants interested in the theory of the four-day advanced course only are recommended to visit the consolidated two-day course „Brocade 16 Gbps Advanced Accelerated (BRAX)“.

Upcoming Brocade dates

There are currently no training dates.

Brocade Training

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