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With the new role-based Microsoft certifications, you can prove that you are keeping pace with future-oriented technical roles and requirements. Expand your knowledge, prove your expertise to employers and colleagues, and get the recognition and opportunities you deserve.

Role-based Microsoft Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certifications at a Glance

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

Azure Fundamental Certification proves that you are familiar with cloud concepts, essential Azure services, Azure pricing and support, and cloud security, privacy, and compliance fundamentals.
Learn more about the Azure Fundamentals Trainings

Microsoft Azure Data Engineer

Azure Data Engineers plan and implement data management, monitoring, security and protection using Azure Data Services.

Learn more about Azure Data Engineer Training

Microsoft Azure Data Scientist

Azure Data Scientists use Azure Machine Learning to train, evaluate and deploy models to solve business problems.

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Microsoft Azure AI Engineer

Azure AI Engineers use Azure Cognitive Services, Machine Learning and Knowledge Mining to develop and implement Microsoft AI solutions.

Learn more about Azure AI Engineer Training

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect

Master the skills needed to design solutions that run on Azure. A Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect must have expertise in compute, network, storage, and security. To succeed in this role, you need to understand how to plan solutions that meet your business needs.

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Learning options: Three ways to attain your goals
We prepare you optimally for the new role-based Azure Data & AI certifications. For each certification you can choose between different learning options.

Classroom Learning

Hybrid Learning

Self-paced E-Learning

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