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IBM Storwize V7000 Implementation Workshop (SSE1G)

Detailed Course Outline

Day 1

WelcomeUnit 1: Introduction to IBM Storwize V7000Unit 2: Storwize V7000 hardware architectureUnit 3: Storwize V7000 planning and zoning requirementsUnit 4: Storwize V7000 system initialization and user authenticationUnit 5: Storwize V7000 storage provisioningExercise 1: Storwize V7000 system initializationExercise 2: Storwize V7000 system configurationExercise 3: Configure user authenticationExercise 4: Provision internal storageExercise 5: Examine external storage resources

Day 2    ReviewUnit 6: Storwize V7000 host and volume allocationUnit 7: Spectrum Virtualize advanced featuresExercise 6: Managing external storage resourcesExercise 7: Host definitions and volume allocationsExercise 8: Access storage from Windows and AIXExercise 9: Hybrid pools and Easy TierExercise10: Access Storwize V7000 through iSCSI host    Day 3

ReviewUnit 8: Spectrum Virtualize data migrationUnit 9: Spectrum Virtualize Copy Services: FlashCopyUnit 10: Spectrum Virtualize Copy Services: Remote CopyExercise 11: Volume dependencies and tier migrationExercise 12: Reconfigure internal storage: RAID optionsExercise 13: Thin provisioning and volume mirroringExercise 14: Migrate existing data: Import Wizard

Day 4

ReviewUnit 11: Storwize V7000 administration managementExercise 15: Copy Services: FlashCopy and consistency groupsExercise 16: User roles and accessExercise 17: Migrate existing data: Migration WizardExercise 18: Easy Tier and STAT analysisClass review and evaluation