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IBM FlashSystem V9000 Storage Implementation (SSFS3G)

Detailed Course Outline

Day 1

WelcomeUnit 1: IBM FlashSystem V9000 IntroductionUnit 2: Emergence of flash storageUnit 3: IBM FlashCore technologyUnit 4: IBM FlashSystem V9000 hardware architectureUnit 5: FlashSystem V9000 installation and configurationUnit 6: IBM Spectrum Virtualize RAID protectionExercise 0: Lab environment overviewExercise 1: System user authenticationExercise 2: Provisioning internal storage

Day 2

Unit 7: FlashSystem V9000 storage provisioningUnit 8: IBM Spectrum Virtualize host integrationUnit 9: IBM Spectrum Virtualize volume allocationUnit 10: IBM Spectrum Virtualize data reduction technologiesUnit 11: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Easy TierExercise 3: Managing external storage resourcesExercise 4: Windows host definitions and volume allocationsExercise 5: AIX host definitions and volume allocationsExercise 6: Linux host definitions and volume allocationsExercise 7: Thin Provision and Volume MirroringExercise 8: Easy Tier Hybrid pool implementation

Day 3

Unit 12: IBM Spectrum Virtualize data migrationUnit 13: IBM Spectrum Virtualize FlashCopy and Consistency groupsUnit 14: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Transparent Cloud TieringExercise 9: Easy Tier and STAT analysisExercise 10: V9000 data pool migrationExercise 11: Migrate existing data with Import Wizard GUIExercise 12: Migrate existing data with Migration Wizard

Day 4

Unit 11: IBM Spectrum Virtualize remote data replicationUnit 16: IBM Spectrum Virtualize administration managementExercise 13: Migrate existing data with Import Wizard CLIExercise 14: Real-time Compression and IBM ComprestimatorExercise 15: FlashCopy and consistency groupsExercise 16: FlashCopy snapshot monitoring user roles and accessExercise 19: Snapshot to the CloudClass review and evaluation