IBM Integration Bus V10 Application Development II (WM676G) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Course introductionUsing event driven processing nodesExercise: Implementing message aggregationTransforming data with Microsoft .NETTransforming data with XSL stylesheetsAnalyzing XML documentsModeling complex data with DFDLExercise: Extending a DFDL modelWorking with message sets and the MRM domainSupporting web servicesExercise: Implementing web servicesDeveloping integration solutions by using integration servicesExercise: Creating an integration serviceConnecting a database by using a discovered serviceConnecting IBM MQ by using a discovered serviceExercise: Creating IBM MQ and database servicesCreating a decision serviceExercise: Creating a decision serviceDeveloping integration solutions by using a REST APIUsing the global cacheImplementing message flow securityExercise: Implementing IBM Integration Bus runtime securityImplementing publish/subscribeMonitoring message flow eventsExercise: Recording and replaying message flow dataManaging the workloadCreating patterns for reusabilityExtending IBM Integration BusCourse summary