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CICS V5.3 CICSPlex System Manager Administration (WM856G)

Detailed Course Outline

Course introductionCICSPlex System Manager introductionExercise: Getting started with CICSPlex SMCICSPlex System Manager installationExercise: CICSPlex SM installation procedureCICSPlex SM configuration, WUI implementation, and CICS ExplorerExercise: CICSPlex SM configuration, WUI implementation, and CICS ExplorerCICSPlex System Manager topology and operations servicesExercise: CICSPlex SM topology and operationsCICSPlex SM WUI customizationExercise: CICSPlex SM WUI customizationCICSPlex System Manager Workload ManagerExercise: CICSPlex SM WLM definitionsCICSPlex System Manager RTA and monitoringExercise: CICSPlex SM RTA and monitoring definitionsCICSPlex SM Business Application Services (BAS)Exercise: CICSPlex SM BAS definitionsCICSPlex SM and cloud enablementExercise: CICSPlex SM cloud enablementCICSPlex SM miscellaneous topicsCourse summary