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Containerizing Software Applications + EX276 (DO277)

Detailed Course Outline

Course introduction

Introduce and review the course.

Get started with containers

Provision a database server using container technology.

Work with containers

Work with and manipulate existing container images to produce containerized services.

Manage Images

Manage the life cycle of an image from creation to deletion.

Create custom images

Design and code a Dockerfile to build a custom container image.

Design container images for application deployment

Design and build a custom container image for the deployment of an application over multiple containers.

Test containerized application deployment

Deploy a multi-container application using Kubernetes.

Troubleshoot containerized applications

Utilize various techniques to troubleshoot a containerized application.

Provision development environments

Provision a development environment using the Red Hat CDK.

Comprehensive review of containerizing software applications

Demonstrate how to containerize a software application.