VMware Cloud Orchestration and Extensibility (VCOE) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Course Introduction
  • Introductions and Course Logistics
  • Course Objectives
Enterprise Cloud Architecture and Components
  • Extending Enterprise Systems
  • vRealize Automation and the Enterprise
  • Unified Self-Service Portal Components
  • Managing Provisioned Items
  • Converged Blueprint Concepts
  • vRealize Orchestrator Overview
vRealize Orchestrator Workflow Basics
  • Orchestration Workflows
  • Logs in Workflows
  • Working with Workflows
  • Information Flow in Workflows
vRealize Orchestrator Workflow Design Considerations
  • Configuration and Resource Elements
  • Scriptable Tasks and Actions
  • Input Presentation
  • User Interactions
Developing vRealize Orchestrator Workflows[/h5 [list] [*] Decision Elements and Switch Elements [*] Creating Loops in Workflows [*] Scriptable Tasks and Actions [*] Calling vRealize Orchestrator Workflows [*] Exception Handling [*] Debugging [/list]
Introduction to vRealize Orchestrator Extensibility
[list] [*] Introduction to Extensibility [*] vRealize Automation Components and Functionality [*] VMware NSX® On-Demand Components [/list]
Extending vRealize Automation with Event Broker
[list] [*] Event Broker Overview [*] Event Broker Functionality [*] Event-Based Processes [*] Information Exchange Between Event Broker and vRealize Orchestrator [*] Integrating Workflows Based on the vRealize Automation Plug-In with Event Broker [/list]
Unified Services in vRealize Automation
[list] [*] XaaS Blueprints and Actions [*] vRealize Automation Form Designer [/list]
API Tools
[list] [*] API Interfaces Overview [*] vRealize Orchestrator REST API Plug-In [*] vRealize CloudClient [/list]