Fast Money - Learn more, spend less!

Great savings, more training and more productivity! Secure your discount through Fast Money today.

Fast Money is a Pre-Paid facility with generous discounts that can be reserved before redemption. Fast Money allows your organisation to secure the training budget in advance, enabling the freedom to select the required courses when you need them without the worry of having to find the available budget. Fast Money can be used as the payment currency for attendance from our list of authorised courses from leading vendors delivered by IT Learning Solution, such as Cisco, NetApp, Microsoft, IBM, Symantec and many more. Handling a budget is no easy matter. There are many factors to consider and compromises to be made. That’s why here at IT Learning Solution, we want to make things easier for you. We want to help you maximise your IT Training budget without compromising what’s best for your IT team. Secure your training budget now and invest in your IT team’s future productivity with… Fast Money Plan...

Great savings, more training and more productivity!

Secure your discount through Fast Money today.

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Fast Money Plan
Training budget is an essential part of keeping your team highly productive and effective throughout the year. Each year, thousands of dollars budgeted for training often go unused or wasted. Added to the fact you are looking on how to maximise and buy more with less.

In order to protect your training budget and investment of your IT team’s future efficiency of Fast Money is a great solution.

To help you make the most of you budget, Fast Money offer the following benefits:

  • Prepaid training allows you to effectively plan for future I.T. projects knowing you have secured you budget for skill provisioning and improvement.
  • You have an expiry of 12 months from date of purchase.
  • IT Learning Solution will deliver Vendor Authorised Training in support of you organisational, departmental and individual certification needs and business objectives.
  • Hassle Free, one off finance processing alleviating multiple purchase orders and approvals.
  • Regular reporting keeping track of your progress and utilisation
  • Above all benefit from an upfront discount providing you more training for your budget.
  • Finally flexibility to change and deviate from your original training plan as circumstances require in your work environment

Terms & Conditions

Courses included in the Fast Money agreement are all IT Learning Solution Australia publically scheduled and delivered courses from the following vendors:

• Cisco, NetApp, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec, and many more
• Fast Money redemptions (attendance of course) may only occur after theFast Money has been purchased and paid in full.
• All registration for course attendance need to be on a signed IT Learning Solution Registration form.
• All course registrations utilising Fast Money will be applied with an equivalent amount to the registered course’s Recommended Retail Price (RRP price). No additional discounting can be applied.
• Where courses are priced in a foreign currency eg. USD the foreign amount will be converted to AUD at the time of registration and processed in the Fast Money ledger. Fast Money will not be redeemable where the following non-standard training or payment options are required:
• Cannot be used in conjunction with any other IT Learning Solution Special / Advertised Offers.
• Non Standard Courses, either tailored or custom content to suit customer requirements unless otherwise agreed by IT Learning Solution (All such requests will be evaluated and at the discretion of IT Learning Solution whether they can be accommodated and will be costed on a case by case basis).
• All Vendor courses where vendor specific prepaid training vouchers are used i.e.
»» Microsoft Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV’s)
»» Cisco Learning Credits (CLC’s)
»» NetApp Training Units (TU’s)
»» IBM EdPacks / DRINS etc.
Any other services offered by IT Learning Solution such as exams, services, non-ITLS delivered training or requests to procure 3rd party training, etc.