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OpenShift Enterprise Development


Who should attend

Application Developers (not necessarily Java EE developers) interested in creating OSE applications with automated unit/acceptance tests, deploying those applications using CI to an OSE instance.


  • You should have general HTML and Java EE programming skills
  • You should be a successful developer in one of the environments supported by OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat (Python, Ruby, JavaEE)

Course Objectives

This course provides the knowledge necessary for you to take advantage of the platform in a popular DevOps environment. This course is part of a series of DevOps courses that center around the use of OSE to enable continuous delivery a key goal in the DevOps philosophy.

Product Description

Agile Development with OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat (DO290) is part of a series of courses that focus on using OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat to automate a portion of the software delivery pipeline. The course will immerse you in a DevOps environment through the use of agile software development methodology, test-driven development, continuous integration, and a standard operating environment through the use of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Through hands-on labs, you will implement user stories for an existing Java EE application and deploy the application to an OpenShift Enterprise instance. You will learn how to create, update, and maintain applications using OpenShift Enterprise.