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Gigamon® Visibility Fabric™ Advanced Implementation (GVFAI)

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Who should attend

  • System Administrators
  • Systems Engineers

Course Objectives

After attending this course you will be able to:

  • Configure Flow Mapping using GigaVUE® -FM Fabric Manager
  • Describe the scope of GigaSMART features
  • Perform configuration of advanced GigaSMART features
  • Implement and configure advanced GigaSMART services and applications
  • Use GigaSecure to monitor network traffic
  • Implement GigaVUE-VM in a VMware environment

Course Content

This two-day, hands-on course builds from the the Gigamon® Visibility Fabric™ Overview and Configuration (GVFOC) course and teaches advanced topics to help you maximize your Gigamon deployment.

You will Learn how to leverage the advanced processing capabilities of the GigaSMART® engine to summarize and generate NetFlow statistics from incoming traffic streams. Also, you will learn about offloading NetFlow Generation to the out-of-band Gigamon Visibility Fabric to eliminate the risk of expending expensive production network resources in generating these analytics.

With increasing demands for agility and automation in the IT infrastructure and with ever-changing threat patterns in the network traffic, there is a critical need to automatically detect, react and respond to these threats while also integrating visibility into IT operations management. This course teaches you how to use Gigamon's technology to gain visibility into your network traffic to prevent these threats.

You will perform extensive lab exercises that will show you how to use the key capabilities or features available from any H Series node as well as introduce you to the CLI and GUI interfaces. These capabilities and features are present without any additional licenses or special line cards. The labs emulate a typical working environment where you will add, remove and modify configurations rather than simply create them.

Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 2 days

  • Australia: US$ 1,995.-
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